kosher-mealsLast week I spent most of the work week in San Jose, California for SMX West.

Normally, I’d pack frozen chicken and meals and pop them in a fridge when I get to the hotel. I wrote a whole thing about . I stopped going with the self heating kosher meals for a while now but I forgot why…

When I told a neighbor that I was headed away for a few days, he recommend I try these meals. I said, from what I remember, they are horrible. He told me that he had them the other day and they were “great!” So I decided to give them another try. Big mistake!

Well, the mistake wasn’t huge but I ate a meal before heading back to New York. To tell the truth, it made me nervous most of the flight. I ate it and felt ‘icky’ for a few hours after. It just doesn’t taste good.

The other nights I ate at The Kitchen Table Restaurant, which is an outstanding kosher place in Mountain View. It is about 20 minutes from the hotel in San Jose, but well worth the trip. The service and food are solid.

I ate there with Steve, GilR, and Rena. Eli S. stopped by with his wife for dessert.

Anyway, I am blogging this to reminder myself – no more self-heating kosher travel meals!

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  1. Rena

    My brother, who travels all over the world, swears by those meals. We tried them on a trip a few years back and I just couldn’t eat them. They tasted metallic to me. I think that those are the meals that the US military send to kosher soldiers in the field. I think that’s cruel and unusual punishment. 🙂

    It was great having dinner with you at The Kosher Table. Looking forward to see you next time.

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