Yesterday was the Jewish holiday of Purim. Part of the tradition is to dress up in costumes and be happy.

In any event, I ended up having an identical twin on Purim.

One of the teenagers in my synagogue/shul dressed up as me. Here is a picture:

My Purim Identical Twin

But don’t I already have a twin? I do but we are not identical.

Honestly, most of the time people dress up as famous people, funny objects, or characters – not as living people – so this was funny. Of course, only people in our synagogue got the joke – oh and SEO geeks.

In any event, check out this one guy who dressed up as an iPhone and had RB iPhone apps featured on the home screen bar.

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  1. Rafi Hecht

    Some say you’re Mekayem the Mitzvah of Ad Delo Yada if you don’t know Math. The phrases “Baruch Mordechai” and “Arur Haman” each add up to 502 in the Hebrew Gematria. Not knowing how to add therefore counts.

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