Facebook Facebook ImpersonatorSo it seems I have yet another impersonator! This time on Facebook! Yea, not the first time, I’ve been impersonated on Twitter also

Anyway, the impersonator is at facebook.com/garis.

His name is George Aris and lives in Athens, Greece. He likes the band U2, likes a TV show named “Peep Show” and has 22 friends on Facebook.

Oh yea, apparently, he looks exactly like me and has decided to use my custom built Avatar for his Facebook profile. Yea, the one Dave Naylor made for me.

Here is a larger screen capture:

Facebook Facebook Impersonator

So please, report this profile and link them to this blog post.

Thanks to Andy Beal and Sam Daams for notifying me about this…

Facebook Impersonator Facebook Impersonator

Website Comments

  1. Andrew

    That is funny. Who thought someone else in this world would want to look like a barry cartoon
    You should be Flattered

  2. Donna

    I ran Cartoon Barry image through TinEye to see if maybe it had become a part of some clip art repository or something like that, the thought being that perhaps the guy just downloaded it from some repository not realizing it wasn’t public domain. But I didn’t come up with anything that looked out of place. All seemed legit to me, and definitely no repositories listed. But hey, thought I’d give the guy the benefit of the doubt before calling him a bad name. Now, I can call him a bad name without guilt. 🙂

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