Warner Lambert IDSometimes I received calls from companies seeking credit checks of my employees. They want to validate that the specific individual can afford their rent and ensure they do indeed have a job at my company.

Today I received a call from one of these credit check companies asking if a woman named Alyson E. (forgot the last name) works here and for how long.

I said, no one by that name has ever worked at the company.

She asked me if I was sure and spelled the name for me. I said nope, never by that name. I validated that the credit check person called the right company. How many companies are named “RustBrick?” She confirmed.

Who in their right mind would make up working at a company?

I guess people do?

The picture is just some random Flickr image for Employee ID. 🙂

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  1. Dave

    I once had a boss that was a total fraud. He created several bogus companies. He built websites for them. He had names and email address for several people listed. He opened PO boxes at UPS stores so they could have a street address & suite number so he could send and receive mail. He even purchased 1-800 numbers and the calls would forward to his cell phone. The works.

    He first got a job at a local TV station as the Marketing Director. They paid for all of his moving expenses to Hawaii, paid a month’s worth of living expenses and rented him a condo in Waikiki. That job only lasted about 3 weeks before they gave him the boot.

    Then he got a job as the Marketing Director at a local activities company that did whale watching tours, etc… His first order of business was to hire a Marketing Manager to help him out (Me) because he was absolutely clueless.

    The Marketing Manager (Me) comes up with the ideas, produces all of the deliverables and keeps everything pointed in the right direction.

    The Marketing Director simply goes to the meetings and takes credit for everything.

  2. TimD

    I guess it’s possible it was a typo? Heck, you spelled your own company’s name wrong in this post 😉 fyi.

  3. Rafi Hecht

    Speaking about falsely claiming to be associated from somewhere, I remember a funny story when I was a student at Touro. This was when the IDs were made of cheap blue laminated construction paper with a passport photo, along with handwritten information.

    One person was flying from point A to point B, and decided to present a school ID for some sort of student discount. Security red-flagged the ID when they saw that it was fake. How did they know? The paper read “TURO College!”

    Since then they updated their ID system to be more computerized.

    At the same time, those that actually work for a real company like, say, Apple keep low-key about it and claim to be a vendor at a fruit company.

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