Motor Vehicle

Online License Plate

It is not every day where you see a neat geeky license plate – well, maybe I see one or two every day. But most people do not. Yesterday, I was driving home from work and spotted a New Jersey license plate that read “ONLINE.” The person seemed lost, which was ironic, but it was

Just Interesting

Wikipedia Makes Barry Schwartz Page A Landing Page

On Sunday, Wikipedia made a HUGE change to one of their most important (sarcasm) entry pages, the Barry Schwartz page. For as long as their was a Barry Schwartz page on Wikipedia it always lead to the well-known psychologist. He is very well know for his book named The Paradox of Choice and has spoken


Recruiters In Denial or Just Stupid?

I am not a huge fan of recruiters. I use them because we need to find good people but at the same time, many feel like ruthless vultures to me. In any event, I had an interesting and fun call today with a recruiter. It went like this, although not word for word: Recruiter dials


Yes, I Shaved

Yes, I did shave on Friday. I did not get a haircut yet, but hopefully some time this week. Here is the new me: Before: I tried to get a haircut on Friday but the lines were out the door…


I Shave Tomorrow

It has been about 3 weeks since I last shaved. And now I look like this: Pretty – don’t you think? Why haven’t I shaved? Well, there is this thing called Sefirat HaOmer in the Jewish world and during that time, or parts of the time (first 33 days) many Jewish people do not shave


What’s Your Internet Speed?

Back when I got FiOS I thought FiOS was amazingly fast. Back in 2007 I had 12Mbps download and 3Mbits upload speeds. But today, that same plan I have 18Mbps download and slightly over 5Mbps upload, not changing anything with FiOS or anything. The other day I tested our network here at the office and


Weeding Out Prospects Quickly

Just got off with a prospect who called. It went like this: Prospect: I’d like to schedule a meeting at your office. Me: Our starting prices are $X. Prospect: Why so expensive. Me: We are really good. Prospect: That is too expensive for me. Me: Okay. Bye. I should add two things: (1) He started