Head Buried In The SandI am not a huge fan of recruiters. I use them because we need to find good people but at the same time, many feel like ruthless vultures to me.

In any event, I had an interesting and fun call today with a recruiter. It went like this, although not word for word:

Recruiter dials operator line, I answer.

Recruiter: Is Andrew there?
Barry: He is working from home today.

Recruiter: I am working on a project with him, is there any way I can reach him? We had a call for today…
Barry: What is your name?

Recruiter: [Says his name]
Barry: Really? What project? Maybe I can help you immediately… (I am thinking, I would know his name if he was working with this employee and figure he is a recruiter by now)

Recruiter: I cannot disclose that but I need to speak to him…
Barry: Why can’t you tell me? I am the boss.

Recruiter: Can you have him call me?
Barry: Sure, what is your name and number.

Recruiter: [Says his name and phone number (it works, I tried it after the call)]
Barry: I’d love to help you now. Can you please tell me the project or are you a recruiter?

Recruiter: I’m a contractor
Barry: So then tell me the project, I like to help my clients.

Recruiter: How do I know if you are the boss?
Barry: Check the RustyBrick web site (I walk him through the process…)

Recruiter: I see, thanks.
Barry: So, can I help you now?

Recruiter: No, I really need to speak with him…
Barry: Really? Are you a recruiter?

Recruiter: I don’t think I am a recruiter (yes, he said that word for word)
Barry: Really? Well, if you were a recruiter, I am hiring.

Recruiter: Um, what is your email?
Barry: So you are a recruiter?

Recruiter: Um?
Barry: Are you?

Then I hear him hang up the phone.

So I give the employee the recruiters number and tell the story to the team. I would never prevent recruiters from calling the people here. But at the same time, I hate it when the same recruiters turn around and try to then fill positions at my company. You CANNOT have it both ways. No way!

The employee then forwards me the email from this recruiter. I in turn email the recruiter with our job openings just to see. He has the nerve to reply:

You are a better man than I am! Thanks! Sorry … but when I call into a firm I can’t advertise that I’m a Recruiter, I hope you can understand.

BTW, It’s amazing how much the marketing has come back since 2 years ago. Sounds like you have open needs as well, are you working with a recruiter?

It is amazing, just amazing!

Oh, we are hiring and if your an iPhone developer, use the hire me app.

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  1. Mark

    I hate recruiters, they are just tech pimps and we are their bitches. We do the deeds and they take a cute.

  2. Rafi Hecht

    I also hate recruiters from the employee end. Many of them are clueless when it comes to ones actual skills. Some recruiting companies will take your information just to pad up their impressive list of “clientele,” then do nothing afterwards. They will also tell you how great such-and-such position is, then 2 days later tell you that the position was filled.

    Enough with the ranting. I will now recruit myself. I am a PHP/ASP web developer and SEO specialist. I have built both intranet and internet websites and guided clients from steps A-Z. I have also placed certain websites on top of competitive search terms. Interested?

    If you would like to speak with me I can be contacted anytime after 6 PM EST. Let me know.

  3. David S.

    I can top that. I actually once contracted for a company that dealt with a recruiter who hired away one of our employees, and then contacted us about potentially replacing him.

    At another place where I worked, a recruiting firm that had placed one of my coworkers offered to buy pizza for lunch for the entire development division. Their people showed up to network with us at lunch and with my supervisor, his client, standing in the same room, a recruiter asked me about my technical qualifications, handed me a business card, and told me to call him if I was “passively looking”

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