weedsJust got off with a prospect who called. It went like this:

Prospect: I’d like to schedule a meeting at your office.

Me: Our starting prices are $X.

Prospect: Why so expensive.

Me: We are really good.

Prospect: That is too expensive for me.

Me: Okay. Bye.

I should add two things:

(1) He started off the phone call talking to a friend of his and I sat there listening to it. I HATE when people do that. Why bother calling someone when you are in the middle of a conversation already. So I was annoyed already.

(2) I am a horrible sales man.

Anyway, that is how to weed out prospects really quickly.

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  1. Robert Wright

    KISS in action! You “kept it short and simple.” That’s is an age old sales trick. But usually KISS is used to get the sale, not to send it hightailing. Funny story though Barry, I know how you feel.


  2. Jim Rudnick

    LOL! spot-on Barry…..

    what we do is we send along a .pdf of our various packages/pricing and our strategy rationales and tactics….

    and that causes the phone to ring with ONLY serious prospects, eh!



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