Jeff BezosPrior to my “off the cuff” YouTube Live Google + hangout interview with Michael Mozart – they were asking me about who’d I like to be in a Google + Hangout with.

They first suggested celebs like Madonna or Britney Spears. I wasn’t interested.

They asked, who would I like to do a Google Hangout with.

I told them I am more into geek topics.

So then they just started naming geeks. Such as Chris Pirillo and I said, sure – he is geeky enough.

But that got me thinking…

There is a difference to me between a hardware geek and software geek.

Yea, often they overlap but there is a difference. Some love talking about the hardware, the processing power, the quality of the make up of the hardware, how it looks, how fast it is, how quiet it is and so on. But some like to talk about how it works, the user interface, the way it returns quality results and the efficiency of the software itself.

I guess that is the difference between software and hardware computer engineers.

Having said that, I’d personally prefer to do a Hangout with a software engineer over a hardware engineer.

How about you? Let me guess, Madonna. 🙂

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