So as many of you know, there was a bit of a tremor going on in New York because of the Earthquake in the DC/Virginia area yesterday around this time.

Half the people I asked in my area didn’t feel a thing and half did.

I am on the 3rd floor of a building in Suffern, New York.

I was talking to my brother and he was standing by my door and the door started to move back and forth. Then we felt the building kind of shift from left to right. At first, I thought the A/C really started to pick up but then I looked at Twitter.

Really, no one in the office here knew what to make of it at first. People felt they maybe were dizzy or light headed. We don’t know what earthquakes feel like.

But when I looked at Twitter, I kept seeing “earthquake in X”. I saw people noting quakes in NY, Bostin, Virginia, DC, Cleveland, even Montreal!

So by then, I yelled out to the office it was a real earthquake. No one left, we just kept on working and talking about it.

My friends and colleagues from California were mocking me, like I mock them when they close school for a half of an inch of snow there. In fact, since then, there were two quakes slightly less than what Virginia had in the Cali area. No complaints from them:


How did you handle it? Did you cry? You can be honest. Did you cry? The thing I really wanted to do was checkin to being at an earthquake on Foursquare. I tweeted it and it seems like hundreds of others liked the idea.

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  1. Colin

    Really crazy to see all the shots of people filling the streets – we all sit on top of each other so much, yet we don’t even know people who live/work less than 5 metres away… imagine it was a strange mix of scared and awkward?

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