Figured it would be a good time to updated my places I’ve been quoted since I am up for yet a second deletion on my Wikipedia bio.

I feel like if I was in any other industry, as a journalist writing as the News Editor at the top search news site, Search Engine Land, and running one of the oldest and detailed search blogs on the internet, Search Engine Land – you’d think that would be enough. But I feel, because I am associated with SEOs, and some Wikipedians hate SEOs, they want to delete the page.

That is fine – if it deserves deletion but does it? Who should be mentioned as notable people in the search industry outside of Google and Bing employees? Danny? Chris? Greg? Matt? Myself? Who?

I originally, in 2007, made the mistake of writing my own Wikipedia article in 2007. It was a mistake, but Wikipedia changed the article and decided it was worth keeping. Now one Wikipedia guy feels it is no longer worth keeping.

Since it is a no-no to cite mentions of notability at Wikipedia, maybe someone else can who is more unbiased against the SEO industry?

I recommend you read my bio at

Anyway, if that isn’t enough, here are some third party links where I’ve been interviewed, cited, etc and keep in mind – I only spent 10 minutes gathering these via Google News. Wish I had more time…



CBS News:

Channel 12 Local News:

USA Today:

USA Today:

ABC News:












Jerusalem Post:

Business Insider:

Redmond Mag:

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  1. Ari Nahmani

    I had the exact same problems with a web development company – there was one overzealous, a-hole wikipedia moderator who took a personal vendetta to get the page deleted. I love Wikipedia’s model, but sometimes people get power trips … especially for anything related to SEO/SEM and internet marketing. Good luck – perhaps you can galvanize some industry folks to come to your defense in the comments.

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