Notice: Can’t Respond To Google + Discussions

I am an idiot, I was on a call and skimmed the announcement Google+ is now available with Google Apps. I’ve been using Google + on my Google Apps account but while it was under the pre-migrated version, meaning, it was like a Google Private account, not a fully transitioned Google Apps account. I’ve been

Just Interesting

Touching Bathroom Door Knobs

I never thought about this before I got married but now I do. I go to the bathroom in my office a few times a day, sometimes a lot more if I drink a large Snapple or something. 🙂 Often I’ll see people do their thing, and then simply skip the sink and go right


Time For Bear Crossing Signs In My Neighborhood

More and more often, people in my neighborhood are spotting bears. My sister had one outside her home, treating itself to dinner by her garbage pails. My wife just saw one at the supermarket near our home. There have been plenty of bear spotting reports in the area. I grew up here and have never

Just Interesting

The Drug Store Is Not About Drugs

Yesterday, I was sent to the drug store to pick up a prescription (don’t worry, everyone is healthy) and I was a little upset by what I saw. I had to go twice, each time there were about four people ahead of me. I was able to witness some interesting things while I was there.


Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

Apple has just announced that their founder and leader, Steve Jobs, has passed away. This is the Apple home page right now: When you click on it, you see this: This is so sad.


Fine, I’ll Get The iPhone 4S & I Qualify

So you heard, iPhone 4S is available for pre-order this Friday. Which is a good thing, because pick up in store is on a Jewish holiday. So I can order it this Friday, have it delivered to my office and then pick it up from there after the holiday. That being said, this is the