iphone-line.jpgYou know I ordered the iPhone 4S, in fact, I woke up at 3am EDT Friday morning to try to be one of the first on line to order it online.

It ended up taking me over an hour to order and I ordered it from AT&T, not Apple.

First, I feel bad not ordering from Apple. Every single iPhone I purchased for myself was ordered from Apple. Yes, all 4 iPhones I owned were Apple ordered. This is the first iPhone being shipped from a non-Apple order.

But after over an hour of trying to order from the Apple Store online or via the phone, I gave up and ordered via AT&T’s web site. I feel bad, but I had to go back to sleep and make sure my order went through before it was sold out.

That being said, in the past, I had camped out a bit at the Apple Store to get the iPhone. I did this twice in the past but this year, I am not able to because the pick up day is this Friday, which is a Jewish holiday and I will be offline.

So instead of waiting on line offline at the Apple Store, I waited on line online at the store.apple.com last Friday.

Orders are reportedly shipping now, it would be nice if mine arrived Wednesday, since I’ll be offline Thursday and Friday, but not counting on it.

And yea, Apple sold over a million iPhone 4S devices, which surpasses their 600,000 unit record. I am honestly shocked by that, since I know a ton of people who told me they aren’t upgrading because there isn’t enough of a difference, compared to last year where almost everyone I spoke with wanted the 4.

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