"How long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on"I never thought about this before I got married but now I do.

I go to the bathroom in my office a few times a day, sometimes a lot more if I drink a large Snapple or something. 🙂

Often I’ll see people do their thing, and then simply skip the sink and go right for the door. Forget using soap after taking care of their business. They simply skip turning on the faucet completely.

The other day, someone in the office said she spotted someone turn the faucet on and not use it. Trying to pretend she was using it. Are you serious?

In any event.

After I do my business, I want my hands to stay clean. So I use a paper towel on the inside bathroom door knob.

Not all doors, just the inside bathroom door knob.

Video added later after Tony Kummer notified me of it.

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  1. Roger Dooley

    Cruise ships are hypersensitive about germs, and now many have a little tissue dispenser next to restroom exit doors, and a wastebasket on the other side to toss the tissue in. Maybe you should install one of those, tissues are likely cheaper than paper towels, plus you’d show your commitment to a germ-free workplace. 😉

  2. Paul

    Snap! Working in a shared office building with so many other people I also noted that a number of the other workers were simply skipping the wash cycle and going straight out of the door.

    Whilst I’m not one for the complete abolition of dirt & germs in one’s life, believing that a little bit of it here and there *is* good for the immune system, cleanliness is absolutely part of one’s bathroom duties, and it’s considerate to others too.

    Like you, Barry, I too took to taking my paper towel to the door handle and then disposing of it once back in my office and I’m sure, telling other friends in the building, that a few of them have picked up on the good habit too 🙂

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