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$29,264 In Fraud Credit Card Transactions

This morning I wanted to check my credit card activity on my Chase Continental credit card. To my surprise, I spotted almost $30,000 worth of fraud transactions. Yea, I called, got them reversed and replaced the cards on the account with a new account. But seriously? They didn’t get picked up by a credit card


Add Fun Characters To Your iPhone Keyboard: emoji

I thought I knew everything about my iPhone, but one of the most basic things I had no clue about. It is the emoji keyboard, which gives you the ability to send funny faces, funny icons and representative icons. You basically need to enable a new “international” keyboard on your iPhone to activate it. After


Save 50% On Water Delivery But Terminating Your Contract

The couple weeks ago, Crystal Rock came into my office claiming they can do better than Deer Park on my water bottle prices. They did and I terminated my contract with Deer Park. Today I got a notification from Poland Spring that my home delivery is coming up. So I decided to play the termination


AT&T 3G Down On East Coast?

For the first time since switching over to AT&T almost 5 years ago, the data network has gone down completely. 3G is dead on AT&T in my area, which is the east coast. It has been since at least 6:20am from when I tried it off the WiFi network. A tweet from california says AT&T’s


Red Eyes: Setting Myself Up For Disaster

I often take red eye flights when possible. My past experience is that email is just too much to fly 5-6 hours during the day. But now with Wifi on the flight, there is less of a reason to not fly during the day. That be the case, I booked a flight for the Google


Moving Places On Foursquare With Checkins

I am a big foursquare user, I’ve written about it several times here. But did you know you can move places found in foursquare by simply checking into the place? There is a place about a mile or two from my house. I checked into it almost every single day for the past few months


Is It Immoral To Mark Charity Emails As Spam?

We have made a nice number of web sites and web software for charity and non profit organizations. Many of them have email solutions through us to raise awareness and money for the causes they serve. Often when they send out emails to their lists of potential donors, several dozen will come back marking them

Motor Vehicle

Auto Accident: Car Flipped Over

On the way to the airport last week, Monday – to go to PubCon in Las Vegas, we hit a bit of traffic. As we approached we saw what happened. There were about three cars involved, all really badly damaged. In fact, they looked they were all charred from a huge fire. Here is a


Comment Spam On My Dead Blog

I’ve been horrible at blogging on my personal blog recently. It is not like I don’t have things to share or I’ve been very boring lately – I can write about borring stuff. So I apologize. The thing is, the less I write and update this site, the more comment spam I get. It is