I thought I knew everything about my iPhone, but one of the most basic things I had no clue about. It is the emoji keyboard, which gives you the ability to send funny faces, funny icons and representative icons.

You basically need to enable a new “international” keyboard on your iPhone to activate it. After you do that, you get these characters, plus a heck of a lot more, as options when sending text messages, emails and so on.

TS2404_01--emoji-001-en.png emoji-keyboard-iphone.png

How do you add it?

(1) Tap Settings > General > Keyboard
(2) Tap International Keyboards
(3) Tap Add New Keyboard
(4) Locate and tap Emoji

Then when the keyboard is open, hit the globe on the botton, near the left of the space bar. You will be able to toggle through your various keyboards that way.

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