moving-foursquare.pngI am a big foursquare user, I’ve written about it several times here.

But did you know you can move places found in foursquare by simply checking into the place?

There is a place about a mile or two from my house. I checked into it almost every single day for the past few months while I was a mile or two away. Eventually, foursquare changed the location of the place to be basically at my house.

I am not sure how that happened because the physical address is the same, but in terms of distance to my house, it is right there now.

It kind of makes you think of weird abstract reality perceptions on what is distance? Are things really far away or not? You know, stuff that people think about if they are a PhD or on some weird drugs.

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  1. Andrew Girdwood

    Hmm. I’m a level 2 foursquare superuser and before we move a location we’re supposed to check where it actually is.

    Lots of checkins for a location that don’t match where foursquare thinks the location should trigger an investigation. However, you’re supposed to at the very least check Google Maps and make sure the location is geo-accurate and not succumb to implied pressure to move it.

  2. Canine

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