water-cooler.pngThe couple weeks ago, Crystal Rock came into my office claiming they can do better than Deer Park on my water bottle prices. They did and I terminated my contract with Deer Park.

Today I got a notification from Poland Spring that my home delivery is coming up. So I decided to play the termination game with them and it worked.

I called, I said, Crystal Rock offered me X dollars per bottle and I pay you guys Y. I would like to terminate my water with you guys, unless you can match. I was then put on hold for maybe 30 seconds and was told they would match it for a year.

The price difference is a savings of 50%! Water isn’t expensive but 50% isn’t something to laugh at.

So if you have a water service, call and threaten to terminate – it will save you money!

Image credit: Scott Bartlett / ShutterStock.

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  1. Corey

    So wait a minute, your saying negotiating for a price is a good idea? Wow. Groundbreaking stuff.

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