My Chanukah Presents For 2011

The last day of Chanukah was yesterday – and I got all my gifts in and ready. I got a ton of cards and gift baskets from clients, vendors, SEO folks and so on. I wanted to blog about the gifts I received that were not e-cards, physical cards and gift baskets. Promedia Corp send

Motor Vehicle

Biggest Car Fire I’ve Seen To Date

Just a quick post, to follow up on the flipped car, head on collision, smaller car fire I’ve seen. Today, on the way to a meeting, I saw this HUGE car fire on 287 between exit 14B and 14A. I was able to see the the dark fog of smoke for miles and miles.


Cashed In On My 1st Foursquare Special

Friday I complained a 4sq special failed me but that all changed this Sunday. I went to Modell’s, because you got to go to Mos, and I used a $10 off $50. The cashier had no clue what it was but the manager was right behind him and the manager plugged it in. It was

Just Weird

Foursquare Special Failed On My First Try

I noticed that several of the local shops started to display Foursquare specials on their listings. So I tried to use one this morning at the local bagel shop. It was for $10 off when you spend $10, so I was hoping to get breakfast and lunch for free. But when I asked the bagel


My First In-Flight WiFi Experience

Since I fly continental, an airline without in flight wifi, I have never experienced Internet while flying. Now that continental and united merged, I am on a united flight and it has wifi. Flying with Internet is amazing. I don’t have to worry about landing and catching up with hundreds of emails while I find

Just Weird

Hundreds Of Fraudulent Calls To Africa

I am starting to think that people do not like me. First I had almost $30,000 in credit card fraud the other week and now I see I had almost $1,000 worth of fraudulent phone calls made from my phone system at my office. There was about $770 worth of calls made to various locations