foursquare-specials.pngI noticed that several of the local shops started to display Foursquare specials on their listings.

So I tried to use one this morning at the local bagel shop.

It was for $10 off when you spend $10, so I was hoping to get breakfast and lunch for free.

But when I asked the bagel store man, he had no clue what Foursquare was and how to give me the discount.

He said he will ask the boss when he comes in but he can’t give me the discount that day.

So my first attempt at using a Foursquare special failed!

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  1. elli

    You have to pay with your amex card after sync’ing it in foursquare. When Amex gets the transaction THEY give you the credit.

  2. Wayne


    Thanks for your post! I enjoyed it!

    That is bad marketing!

    Bad, Bad, BAD!

    As geeks we are usually cutting edge and often bleeding edge implementers of new stuff.

    But, the rest of the public does not enjoy the failure rate that we endure …. That is what often crashes a good new idea or product.

    We put up with the beta test inconsistencies. And then the market says, “Oops, your product was not as good as advertised. We, the market forces, will not give you a second chance.”


    PS …. would you guest write a blog for my readers on what SEO is and why it is important for bloggers and writers to use and understand SEO?

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