The last day of Chanukah was yesterday – and I got all my gifts in and ready.

I got a ton of cards and gift baskets from clients, vendors, SEO folks and so on. I wanted to blog about the gifts I received that were not e-cards, physical cards and gift baskets.

Promedia Corp send me these gloves that I can wear and still use my iPhone at the same time. I have been using them, they aren’t that warm, but at least I can use my phone with them!


Jim Boykin and Internet Marketing Ninjas sent me a ton of their swag this year, from shirts, 3d glasses, usb sticks, and chinese stars.


Third Door Media got me a Kindle Fire.


My wife got me stuff I need, like a new talis plastic cover for my talis bag. It was needed, my other bag was shredding!


She also got me a much needed new shaver head. We ordered it from – a really nice web site that even has video demos on how to install it.

My shaver head had holes it in and started to cut my face. So after a couple weeks of trying to live with the pain, I splurged the $15 to get a new head.


Also, the RustyBrick holiday gifts this year literarily rocked.

Those are some of my gifts this year.

For my past year’s gifts, see 2009, 2008 and 2006. I guess I forgot to blog about the other years.

Thank you all and happy Chanukah and holidays!

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