foursquare-kosher.pngOrthodox Jews do not eat non-kosher food. Many also would not walk into a non-kosher restaurant because they don’t want a kosher Jew to see them going into the non-kosher restaurant and think that it must be kosher since that Jew went in there.

So even to use the bathroom, many orthodox Jews wouldn’t even walk into a non-kosher restaurant.

Which brings up the question, can a Jew who holds by not going into non-kosher restaurants, checkin on Foursquare to non-kosher restaurant?

As I travel on Amtrak back to New York from Washington DC, I am randomly looking for places to check into on Foursquare along the way. And I am specifically avoiding non-kosher restaurants or restaurants I do not know if they are kosher or not.

Jews, what would you do?

Non-Jews, you think I am crazy? Well, some Jews think I am crazy.

And many people think I am crazy just for using Foursquare in general. 🙂

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  1. Arsen R

    OMG I’m LOLing (almost knee slapping).

    I’m a Jew but don’t keep kosher, no shame in my game!

    You can also create a different profile and use it to check into non-kosher places 😉

  2. Yehuda Jacobs

    If i remember correctly there are 2 reasons, one you mentioned the other is we dont want anyone accusing you of eating in a non-kosher restaurant, along the lines of chilul hashem, even if no one sees you actually eating.

    That being said, the nafka mina is, no one will think a mcdonalds is kosher but the 2nd reason may kick in, However if you note, “buying a coke really thirsty” etc… and no reason applies I am really sure even the machmirim will admit there should be no issue.

  3. Tony McCreath

    Why not leave a tip telling people if it’s kosher or not. Then you have your excuse for the check-in.

    And you help you non-walk-in-non-kosher mates.

  4. aharon

    R moshe feinstein said you are allowed to go in those restaurants for the bathroom etc. i think your premise about going in physically is wrong and your extensoon to checkins is thus moot.

  5. menachem

    kosher aside, you’re totally cheating at foursquare! those are NOT valid checkins. relinquish all your mayorships immediately

  6. Ocdc

    Dunno about that.
    But Jews (which means you Barry my dear), offer a free ticket to SMX Israel to people who are lecturing in it. When I say free ticket it means a ticket to the guy actually lecturing. Yes the guy lecturing, who is not getting paid in any way, gets a free ticket and thats it . Why? “Policy”. Maybe you actually expected the guy lecturing to pay to get in to SMX and then lecture? Which actually means Pay to SMX to lecture.
    Barry you are truly the reason Shylok was created.
    And you truly justify the Jewish myth. As a Jew, you disgust me.

  7. Barry Schwartz

    Speakers should never pay. Who paid that is speaking? If they paid they deserve a refund. Please let me know.

    Your comment is very harsh. Why not give me the benefit of the doubt that it was not intentional? Ask the other speakers if they paid? There must have been a mix up.

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