apple-display.jpgOur creative director at RustyBrick, Mabe, needed new monitors – her old ones were losing their color. (Although for someone like me who is almost colorblind, I couldn’t tell.) So we ordered her the latest new Apple Thunderbolt Display – the 27 inch piece of art.

It came in today and she tried to hook it up only to realize that her Mac doesn’t support thunderbolt.

So instead I gave her my two Apple displays, one was the 24 inch with a mini-display port connection and the old 23 inch with a serial like connection. I took the new thunderbolt display.

I am adjusting to going from two full displays and a laptop display (3 total displays) to a full display and laptop display (2 total displays). There is a lot more screen real estate on the new one I am using, so it is working out better.

The best part is that I no longer have that flickering issue with the Apple displays which Apple has been trying to fix for almost a year. Now, since my laptop is thunderbolt and the display I am now using is thunderbolt, I no longer have that issue – which is awesome!

The cool thing about thunderbolt is I technically can daisy chain more of these monitors with my laptop. Whereas before, if I wanted more than one external display, I had to use a software/usb hack, which was awkward and slow. Now it would just work well. I have no plans on doing this any time soon, but good to know I can if I wanted to.



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  1. Annette Penney

    Can you direct me to a website where I can get this information or maybe you can tell me ….I need a how-to guide for setting up two monitors on a MacBook Pro. Reading your article just reminded me. Thanks for your help!

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