school-bus-waiting.jpgPeople who know me, know that I am always in a rush to get to work. That is why I hate it when I am stuck behind a school bus and have to wait.

Of course, passing a bus is a no-no and can be very dangerous. I would never do that.

But what really bugs me is when a bus has it’s stop lights on and I sit there and wait 2 minutes for the kid to walk from his door to the bus. They drag their feet, drop stuff on the way, and casually stroll to the bus. I never knew a person can walk that slow.

Meanwhile, there are lines of cars behind these buses, all of whom have to get to their jobs. The loss in productivity for this is crazy.

I am a time management nut and this stuff pushes me over the edge.

I know kids are our future but come on!

Image credit to ShutterStock for school bus.

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  1. Roger Dooley (@rogerdooley)

    Solution: beat the schoolbuses (and most other traffic) by heading for the office at 6AM. Or earlier. Time management bonus: this might give you a little interruption-free time at the office, too!

    If you aren’t a morning person, use the time behind the bus, and the rest of your commute, to listen to podcasts, audio books, etc. I’ve found this really reduces the frustration of being stuck in traffic. (Fortunately, now my “commute” is 5 minutes from Starbucks to home office!)

    I suppose shooting paintballs at the slow-moving kids is out of the question…

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