Kampfansage genen “Black Hat” = a declaration of war against Black Hat

That is the headline for the article published in the Internet World Business magazine that was recently published. The online version is over here I think, but blocked by a password requirement.

I met with the reporter a couple weeks ago when I spoke in Germany at a great SEO event.

All I told him was that German SEOs may use more link buying methods than others and they should try to change their ways so they don’t get penalized in the future.

It really wasn’t about Google waging war against German black hat SEOs but I guess that makes for a better title.

Here is a picture of the story:


Chris Boggs shared it with me on Facebook…

Don’t understand what it says but hey – wouldn’t be the first time.

I’ve been written up interview style with pictures and all in Spain, Israel, and now Germany – that I know of. Of course, America also.

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