email-subject-typos.pngI currently have an email in my inbox with a typo in the subject line – a misspelling.

It is in my inbox, at the top, and it is annoying the heck out of me.

I figured, hmm, if it annoys me so much, maybe it would annoy others. What a nice way to annoy people? hmmm….

Next time someone emails you and you know your response might sit in their inbox for a couple days and you can get away with a dumb but harmless practical joke, try this out.

Reply to the person’s email, but change the subject line so there is a misspelling.

Not only will they have a misspelled subject line in their inbox, the person who sent you the original will think they made the typo, because you are just replying to you.

I do have a weird sense of humor, as you can tell.

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