Motor Vehicle

What Are The Chances Of $66.66 Again?

Tell me, what are the chances of this happening two times in a row? I filled up in between but that time was in New Jersey and by their law, someone has to fill up for you. So twice in a row, when I personally filled up my car, I got $66.66 when it clicked

Just Weird

Creepy Gas Fill It Up: $66.66 At A Loss

I filled up my car with gas, which is always an upsetting thing to do these days and the gas stopped by itself at this: You see that? $66.66 But look at the gallons and turn it upside down. It says LOSS! Too many crazy things going on there. Comment at Google+.


Updated Headshot: I’ve Gotten Gray

It has been just under two years since I had my first headshot taken and since then it has done me well. Okay, I am kidding but at least I have images I can give to conferences I speak at or newspapers that cover RustyBrick or my search related items. A few weeks ago, my