Barry Schwartz Headshot August 2012It has been just under two years since I had my first headshot taken and since then it has done me well. Okay, I am kidding but at least I have images I can give to conferences I speak at or newspapers that cover RustyBrick or my search related items.

A few weeks ago, my family had new pictures done and the photographer took additional headshots of my face.

I’ve updated my page with the new headshots but kept the original one at the top right. The yellowish one blends better with the RustyBrick color scheme. I put the additional new blue ones at the bottom of the page, with links for people to download the high resolution version.

So now, you can print a life size version of me and hang it in your room. I won’t mind, go ahead.

But seriously, let’s compare two years and look at the gray:

Barry Schwartz Headshot Barry Schwartz Headshot August 2012

I was at a family and friends BBQ last night and I haven’t seen some of these folks in a year or so. The biggest comment I received was that I’ve gotten so gray. One person said I lost weight but that is what people tell people when they’ve actually gained weight. Gray, for sure.

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