Tell me, what are the chances of this happening two times in a row? I filled up in between but that time was in New Jersey and by their law, someone has to fill up for you.

So twice in a row, when I personally filled up my car, I got $66.66 when it clicked to warn me it was full. Both times it was on first click.

See September 7th and now, today.

66.66 Gas

Here is the Sept 7th:

Gas Fill Up $66.66 A Loss

Now I promise, it clicked on $66.66. I did not force it to this position. It happened on “first click.”

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  1. Mickey

    To be only 1/1000 of a gallon different is quite remarkable as well. The last time I filled up my wife’s car it took exactly 20.001 gallons, which I thought was unique, but your double 66.66’s has it beat.

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