A couple weeks ago, the day prior to the iPhone 5 release, Verizon Wireless admitted that you cannot use data LTE and talk on the phone at the same time on the iPhone 5. It was upsetting, it actually made me stick with AT&T and not switch to Verizon Wireless.

But after owning the iPhone 5 for a bit and using LTE a lot this week, and using it while tethering with my Mac, I noticed AT&T Wireless also doesn’t support LTE and voice at the same time!

Basically, when I am on LTE and I get a call on my iPhone 5, the network switches off LTE and onto 4G. Yes, I still can talk and use data but I am not using LTE, I am using 4G.

Here is a screen shot of using LTE while off a call:


Then I received a call and it switched to 4G:


I tested this dozens of different ways and no matter what, using AT&T LTE and voice does not work simultaneously. I can only use AT&T 3G/4G and voice at the same time.

So when I am working remotely at a conference and looking stuff up on the internet when on a conference call on my iPhone 5, I am on the slow 4G network, not the LTE network.

Has anyone else written about this? I cannot find it.

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