rabbi-glass.pngOver 3 months ago, I got my notice from Google that I will be eligible to get Google Glass. The wait has been pretty long but that day is finally coming this Friday.

I am going to pick up Google Glass on Friday.

I first had to find out if I can pick it up this Friday. I had to ask a Rabbi if it would be okay. Why? Well, we are in the Jewish period of the 9 days, which is a cautious and sad time for Jews for many reasons. It is almost like how you are during the first year after you lose a parent – aveilus. You shouldn’t buy new clothes, you don’t shave for the first 30 days, etc.

But when it comes to business, you are technically allowed to get stuff. Stuff including new hardware, new software, and gadgets.

For me, getting Glass during the 9 days is a bit awkward. Yes, we will be using it for business – i.e. building Glass Apps for companies but I truly love gadgets. So I am personally going to enjoy testing these out.

So that is why I needed Rabbi approval.

Then just a few minutes before I hit publish on this blog post, Google sent me via Google Offers, a 20% coupon off parking in Icon Parking lots in NYC. Perfect timing, since there is an Icon lot right in the Google NYC building.

Anyway, I am very excited to get Glass and if you have Glass ideas you want us to build, do let us know.

Image credit to BigStockPhoto for rabbi vector

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