barry with google glass

Those that know me, know I am a classic introvert. I absolutely hate going to networking events or social settings – be it for business, the search community or personal events like wedding and birthdays.

Last night I went to a business networking event, the first time I went to this event, and I actually networked. Normally, I’d stand in the corner and try to catch up on work on my mobile device. But this time, I did actual networking.

Why? Well, I was wearing Google Glass and it was very enticing for others at the event to walk over to me and ask me about what I was wearing. Either they knew it was Google Glass and they wanted to learn about it. Or they had no clue what it was and was dying to find out.

Google Glass brought the conversation to me. I am never a conversation starter. So this helped tremendously for me to speak to people that I never met.

So in short, it did not cure me from my social awkwardness. Because as soon as Google Glass becomes the norm or as soon as I take it off, I will still be the person at the networking event barely networking. But as of now, Google Glass helped me – at least last night.

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