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Tracking Family Or Friends Flights… How About iPhone 5S Flight?

There are many people out there that use flight tracking services to see the status of flights for friends and family. But I honestly don’t know anyone who uses these services to track product shipments. I ‘googled’ the term UPS iPhone 5S delivery and up came this thread at MacRumors.com showing 50+ pages of iPhone


The Biggest Flaw In iOS 7

I’ve had iOS 7 since the beta came out and one thing I thought was a bug, an oversight was how the iOS notification preview/roll out completely prevents you from using hundreds of apps. If you get an email while writing an email. If you get a Facebook or Twitter notification while using an app.


Apple: Observant Jews Can’t Buy The iPhone 5S On Launch Day

Yesterday, Apple disappointed with their announcement of their new iPhones. But they also disappointment the observant Jewish community with the announcement of the release dates of the iPhone 5S. If you are an observant Jewish individual, you will not be able to get the iPhone 5S on launch day. You cannot even pre-order it days


I’m More Influential Than Obama…

I just learned that I am more influential than the President of the United State of America, Barack Obama. Well, at least on Madison Avenue. A ranking study by Appinions ranked me #13, which is an analysis of social media and journalistic coverage of the people who have expressed the most influential opinions of the