Yesterday, Apple disappointed with their announcement of their new iPhones. But they also disappointment the observant Jewish community with the announcement of the release dates of the iPhone 5S.

If you are an observant Jewish individual, you will not be able to get the iPhone 5S on launch day. You cannot even pre-order it days before to be delivered on launch day. Why?

Well, unlike with previous launches and even their iPhone 5C, you cannot preorder this one on September 13th, this Friday. With the 5S, you can either pick it up in a store or order it online on September 20th, which is a Jewish holiday.

Starting Wednesday night, September 18th through Saturday night, September 21st, orthodox Jews in America will be offline. They won’t be able to go to a store or turn on their computers to buy the new iPhone 5S.

For me, this is upsetting – being that I’ve had virtually every iPhone on launch day since the original iPhone was released.

I guess I can pay someone to wait on a line outside a store for me or ask someone to order it online for me that day, on the 20th. But first I will have to see if I am allowed to do so and then if I am willing to give someone access to my Apple or AT&T account.

Apple, why not let us preorder it on the 13th like you are doing with the 5C. This is very upsetting.

I should sue for religious persecution… Okay, I won’t do that… But come on!

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