obama.jpgI just learned that I am more influential than the President of the United State of America, Barack Obama. Well, at least on Madison Avenue.

A ranking study by Appinions ranked me #13, which is an analysis of social media and journalistic coverage of the people who have expressed the most influential opinions of the advertising business. The scores are based on a moving 30-day window through Aug. 2, 2013.” MediaPost covered it under the title named Madison Avenue’s Most Influential People.

Based on their ability to get others to help spread their opinions about the ad industry, Madison Avenue’s most influential pundits are not — for the most part — inside agencies, their clients’ brand marketing organizations, Wall Street analysts or even the trade press that have traditionally covered them. They are largely bloggers and consultants who have learned to utilize social and mainstream media to spread their point-of-view, and the influence that comes with that.

I rank above Barack Obama, who was listed number 16.

I am honored and shocked, but honored. 🙂

I guess this calls for an animated GIF:


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