ios7-icon.pngI’ve had iOS 7 since the beta came out and one thing I thought was a bug, an oversight was how the iOS notification preview/roll out completely prevents you from using hundreds of apps.

If you get an email while writing an email. If you get a Facebook or Twitter notification while using an app. And if you want to continue using the app, most of the time, you cannot.

For example, here I am composing an email I want to send. But as you can see, when a notification comes in, it covers up the Send button at the top right of the app.

Here is an animated GIF which demonstrates how the SEND button is completely taken over by the couple second notification that came in.


This is incredibly annoying for me. Incredibly.

Technically, you can try to flick up the notification roll over to get rid of it but try to do that without tapping it.

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