iphone-5s-wings.jpgThere are many people out there that use flight tracking services to see the status of flights for friends and family. But I honestly don’t know anyone who uses these services to track product shipments.

I ‘googled’ the term UPS iPhone 5S delivery and up came this thread at MacRumors.com showing 50+ pages of iPhone owners tracking the flights for their iPhone orders.

I kid you not.

Heck, not only are some tracking the flights on flight trackers, but some are actually listening to the live feed of the pilot to tower communication of those flights. Some are even watching airport runway live video feeds. I am not making this up, check the thread.

It is amazing!

So I checked mine, based on my UPS status of Departed – Incheon, Korea, Republic of, Tuesday, 09/24/2013 at 11:30pm local time… My iPhone is probably on flight UPS99 and landed about 15 minutes ago. It should soon get on the same flight number Anchorage International Airport at 3:09pm local to Louisville International Airport at 12:51am EDT. Then from there, it should head over to Newark, NJ and then by truck to my local place and hopefully delivered tomorrow.

I am just amazed there is all this buzz around tracking your iPhone from China to your doorstep.

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