simpsons-Carwash.jpgI get a car wash typically once a year, unless something bad happens, right before Passover. For $10 they clean the outside and more importantly the inside. I am a very clean person, so it isn’t bad, but there are crumbs and stuff not allowed for Passover in my car, thus the $10 goes to good use.

Anyway, for some reason, if there are other cars in the cycle and I am standing next to others waiting for their cars – I feel awkward.

Why? I am always thinking… What is to stop someone from jumping in my car after the wash and saying the car is theirs? I know I have proof of ownership in the car, i.e. registration. But it is always on my mind. A guy may want to swap cars, or play a prank, or whatever and cause trouble.

So as they hand dry the car, you inch towards your car, as to be the person who is nearest to it when the car is done.

It has been a while since I blogged here, so I needed to post something absolutely absurd here. Does this work? And of course, the comments here are still broken, being this blog runs on a 1993 version of blog software. 😉

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