SEO Tips

Google Change Of Address Done & Done

I am always nervous migrating sites from domain A to domain B but in this case, it is a person blog, so I have no fears. Both sites are verified with Google Search Console, the 301 redirects are in place and working and I didn’t make the mistake of robots.txt’ing out this site from GoogleBot.


Buying Shoelaces Online Isn’t Easy

Typically when I buy shoes, I wear those shoes every day of the week. I am not the type of person that wears different shoes with different wardrobes. So when I wear shoes, I wear them for long periods, every day, through all weather. I really wear them out fast and often, the shoes outlast

Motor Vehicle

Running Low On Miles…

In mid-February, my lease for my car is up and I get a new car. The only issue, my lease allows me for 36,000 miles over three years. I am now over 35,000 miles and I have over 1.5 months of driving to go. Above is a picture of the odometer from my car this


Moved To

Image credit to on Flickr. When I originally started this site back in 2006, almost 10 years ago, I used the Movable Type blog platform. Over the years the platform kind of died out and I was unable to continue to use it. I left the blog up, but I was unable to post

Just Interesting

Check Out The Star Wars Theme At The Search Engine Roundtable

We posted a star wars theme on the Search Engine Roundtable, here is a picture of it, I hope you like it. Truth is, I am not a Star Wars fan – not cause I wouldn’t like it, just because I have no time for any fanship stuff. 🙂