Typically when I buy shoes, I wear those shoes every day of the week. I am not the type of person that wears different shoes with different wardrobes. So when I wear shoes, I wear them for long periods, every day, through all weather. I really wear them out fast and often, the shoes outlast the shoelaces.

Finding shoelaces online to replace the shoelaces on my existing shoes is not easy. There are sites devoted to just selling shoelaces. I bought mine on Amazon, used Prime, because I didn’t want to pay more in shipping fees than the cost of the shoelace itself. But to find the right color, fabric and size was not easy.

There are an infinite color options, flat, round, square, waxed, fabric, thick, thin, elastic, metal tips, plastic tips, woven tips, and tons of lengths.

So I basically went on Amazon, looked for a round fabric 36 inch tan shoelace and bought it. It seems like a good fit, don’t you think?


As you can see, there is some serious damage to the old lace making it hard to tie my shoes. The replacement version matched pretty well and ties nicely.

If only someone made an app where you take a picture of your shoelace and it shows you close replacement options. ;-P

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