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Why Is Apple CarPlay So Important To Me For My Next Car?

Most of you know I am a huge Apple fan boy but there are a few reasons why Apple CarPlay is so important to me. So much so, that I based my purchase decision on my next car based on that criteria. After leasing a Lexus for 5 leases in a row, I am leaving


I Use My Apple Watch, Except On Saturdays

I have an Apple Watch – yea, I know, a huge shocker. I use my Apple Watch, all the time. I use it mostly for notifications. I love how it vibrates on my wrist before a meeting, or when I get a text message – sometimes I might miss those otherwise. I do love/hate when

Motor Vehicle

My United Premier Platinum Status Saved Me $1,000 On My New Car

As you know, I am running low on my miles on my current lease (well, I am in the red now) and my current lease is expiring soon. I’ve been looking for a car, sedan, all wheel drive with Apple CarPlay and the list isn’t big. I decided to go with the Mercedes CLA mostly


The Worst Calendar Meeting Titles

I am a heavy calendar person, I live and die by my calendar which is on Google Calendar, but syncs to all my various devices including Apple Watch. I am always very careful and detailed when I make up calendar invites to ensure that both the person(s) I am inviting and I know what the


Did Someone Ever Test To See If Tissues Make You Sneeze More?

Has any watchdog group or government agency ever tested to see if using tissues from specific brands, be it Kleenex, actually make you sneeze more? It would make sense that tissue manufacturers would want you to use more tissues and it would be easy for them to make you sneeze more after you use one.

Just Interesting

Google Maps Street View Photospheres Take Off Pounds

They say the camera adds ten pounds, well not photosphere cameras. You know, the cameras that do 360 degree views. The street view guys came over to add RustyBrick to Google Maps inside view and with that he took a photosphere of some of the folks in the office. The picture above is of me


My Sports Superstition: Watch The Jets Play & They Lose

So I have this weird football superstition… Most people have sports superstition like wearing the same hat, holding something during a game, saying a prayer or whatever. Mine might be the weirdest one. If I watch the New York Jets play live on TV, they will lose. I watched them today and they had their