I am a heavy calendar person, I live and die by my calendar which is on Google Calendar, but syncs to all my various devices including Apple Watch. I am always very careful and detailed when I make up calendar invites to ensure that both the person(s) I am inviting and I know what the meeting is about.

This week, I see several calendar invites sent to me by other people and they are titles “Chat,” “Barry Schwartz,” “Meeting,” “Phone Call,” “RustyBrick,” etc. These naming conventions are horrible.

At a glance, I have no idea what the meetings are about. “Chat” with who? About what? Why does it say my name on the calendar, yea – it might be helpful to the person who sent it to me, but who am I meeting with. Same with putting my company name as the meeting title, how does that help me?

When I name meetings, I try to use both company names and the subject of the meeting. So Client Name & My Company Name : Subject of Meeting. So for example, I had a meeting with Xero, the QuickBooks alternative and I titled it Xero + ShulCloud. It was about how to potentially integrate Xero into our ShulCloud product.

So this is my plea – please use descriptive, short and helpful meeting titles not just for yourself but for those you invite to the meeting. I hate clicking through to read more details about the meeting, when I just want to see a glance at my day.

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  1. Udi Eshel

    So true… And not only for calendar events, also for emails… How many times did you receive emails with no subject lines…?

  2. Kristi Hines

    The same can be said for shared Dropbox or Google Drive folders. I have so many with my name on them from different clients that I have to waste time opening each until I find the right one to drop a file into.

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