Most of you know I am a huge Apple fan boy but there are a few reasons why Apple CarPlay is so important to me. So much so, that I based my purchase decision on my next car based on that criteria. After leasing a Lexus for 5 leases in a row, I am leaving Lexus because they do not support CarPlay in any of their 2016 line ups.

Why Is CarPlay So Important To Me

(1) I find it completely ridiculous that all these cars now come with nice displays and navigation systems and everyone I know mounts their iPhone or Android device directly in front of the screen. Literally, they place their phone over their navigation because they prefer to use Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps.

It looks a bit like this:


What is the point of the screen with the navigation if you aren’t going to be using it anyway?

So get CarPlay or Android Auto (or both) and let that power the screen. Makes more sense to me.

(2) The car dashboard is going to be huge for apps, it will be an important piece of real estate for app developers. Yes, we can use the simulator and build apps for cars that way. But I want to experience and see how my company can build not just cute apps for the car dashboard but also apps that really make a difference to the driver and/or passengers.

The only way for me to come up with those ideas is to drive with one. At least, that is the best way for me to come up with those ideas.

(3) Like I said above, I am an Apple Fan boy – I’d buy an Apple Car if I was able to. 🙂

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