Motor Vehicle

First Time Experiencing A Nail In My Tire

I’ve been driving a car for over 20 years of my life and for the first time in my driving life I had a nail in my tire. I had my new car for a month and a couple weeks ago, the tire pressure sensor went off on one of the tires. So I filled

Motor Vehicle

Taking Screenshots Of The Apple CarPlay Screen

So I have been playing a lot with Apple CarPlay in my new car, trying to get a good feel for it for ideas on apps we’d like to design for it. For those who have it and want to take a screen shot of what they see on their CarPlay screen, in their car,

Just Interesting

Got My Quarterly Haircut On Tax Day Today

Today is tax day, so it reminded me to get my quarterly haircut. I normally try to get a haircut when I pay my estimated taxes. This baby cost me $14. Here is the before and after: