Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in about ten years, I went to the movies. I took my kids to see a movie and I was blown away by how much it has changed in ten years.

My first experience was booking it using the Fandango app, which is extremely convenient and quick.

Before we left, I was rushing my family. I said we had to get there quickly or we won’t get seats together. I was wrong on two levels:

(1) The app lets you pick and reserve your seats. I was able to reserve seats for all of us and not worry about coming late. So so cool.

(2) The theater was pretty empty, even on July 4th. Back in the day, there would not be a seat available but here there was plenty of seats.

The second experience I had was the chairs. Last time I went to a movie, the chairs were like metal upright stadium based chairs. They were not crazy comfortable, but they worked.

These chairs were massive sofa based chairs that lay back or upright and have tons of controls to let you get even more comfortable. I honestly almost fell asleep during the movie.

I wonder how the theater will change in another ten years, or if they will be around in ten years.

Image credit to NY Times.

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