You came here to learn about me, Barry Schwartz.  You probably are here because you know me personally, you heard of me in the search industry, your love the apps we build through RustyBrick or you just somehow accidentally landed on this page.

I was born and raised in New York, still live here, got married, have kids and have businesses, in New York. Let’s start off with marriage. We made some press by my wedding proposal being the first ever over a search engine, yea, she said yes and now we are married.

What is this RustyBrick thing? My brother and I run a small (~25 employees) Web development company named RustyBrick. Yea, I know a weird name, but it is catchy. Ronnie started building sites when he was in high school, when I saw money making potential,  prior to starting college, we formed a business and named the company, RustyBrick, Inc. We now focus on building out only advanced e-commerce sites, high-end content management systems, community driven sites and our specialty, Web-based applications to help companies automate, document and become an efficient operation.  This includes both web and mobile work.

What is Cartoon Barry? Well it came about with a friend in the search engine industry having the desire to create a web game where you can throw bricks and rusty nails at me. He started on the cartoon version of me but never got around to building out the game. Since then, people and I loved the cartoon version of me, so I decided to build out this site around that character. Thank you DaveN for making this possible. On January 1, 2016 I launched the new site under, so Cartoon Barry doesn’t make much sense anymore.

Why am I such a search engine freak? Well, it goes back to clients wanting to rank well for search terms. But since then I have become very active in the various search forums. First moderating over at SEO Chat, then Search Engine Watch Blog, Cre8asite Forums, and other forums. I started, what turned out to be, a very popular blog on search topics. The blog is named The Search Engine Roundtable, it gets a ton of traffic and is often cited by major news sources including Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, TheStreet,, eWeek and many others. I also write a ton for Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land Watch blog, the most authoritative source on search news out there.

You can read my official bio at

Ok, I think I am done talking about myself. I am sure you will be able to find some more tidbits on me at this blog, so check out the archives section and subscribe to the RSS feed.