Track Pad on PowerBook G4 Annoying Sometimes

Sometimes, when the track pad is moist from the moisture in the air, the moisture on my fingers or just some heat, the mouse control is unbearable. Just before writing the entry before this one, the whole entry was deleted because of a track pad issue, accidently hitting the refresh button at the top of


More Digging & Returning Registry Gifts

Yea, I thought we were almost done but then we came back to my in-laws this week, unplanned, and found more items that need to be brought back to New York or returned. So that means we need to dig out some more sometime over the next week or so. I am just not sure

Web Development

Lead PHP Developer Quits: Reason, Seems Like Politics

Via /. it appears that “Jani Taskinen, one of the lead developers of the Zend Engine (the engine that powers PHP)” has left due to some political reasons in the community. Check out this message: Thank you all for the last 6 years or so. It has been fun (sometimes) and many times not so

Daily Search Coverage

Smore AdWords Tidbits, Google Down & Rankings Up?, Yahoo Tool, M$ Hires 10K, Baidu ♥ HP & Google Musicals

Today in search, I personally covered topics on Google AdWord geo specific ads, Google AdWords quality score ideas, Google search rankings update and if Google was down or not. In addition we discussed more annoyances with Yahoo Search Marketing, them partnering with British Telcom and a very cool new Yahoo link analysis tool. Microsoft hired

Daily Grind

MarketSmart Interactive Email Spam

I often get emails from spammers (marketers) saying that they can rank my site in the top results (like I want that). I delete them or they get caught by my spam filters. But this is the first email, I remember, getting from MarketSmart Interactive, you know, aka Keywords Ranking, aka WebSourced. Here it is

Daily Search Coverage

Google Reports Invalid Clicks, Shawn Might Against MPAA, 9% of Ad Spend Towards Online Ads, Fake Google Toolbars

Today we covered that Google is not displaying “invalid clicks” on your AdWords reports. Shawn goes against the Motion Picture Association of America and more. We document the Yahoo “Save To My Web” button on Yahoo! Directory pages. Microsoft conducts focus groups while Google plays on their Google Jet with fake Google Toolbars wandering around


Replying Vs. Reply All: The Dos & Don’ts

Email is extremely powerful, it is the most used product in the online world, but many people simply don’t know how to use it. This post will be my rant on how people don’t properly use the reply versus the reply all button. When to Use the Reply All: When you get an email that


Personal Status Update

My wife and I made it to St. Louis. We have a funeral to attend tomorrow afternoon. It is a sad day but thank god all immediate family members are doing well. We appreciate all the emails and such left for us. We are really OK and thanks again for the support. We don’t get