Thanks For the Grill – Brinkmann Pro Series 4400

As a wedding present, a group of my friends, who I play basketball with, bought me the Brinkmann Pro Series 4400 Gas Grill. The thing is huge, it has four burners and then an extra one on the side for a pan. Here is a partial spec: Four cast iron 15,000 BTU burners 60,000 BTU


Stop Updating Your Posts Please!

You know what really annoys me? People who update their posts without describing what they update. Now, of course, doing this once in a while is not a big deal. But to do this constantly, argghhhh. I am a huge RSS reader. I read something once, I don’t want to see it again. But when

Daily Grind

Leaning Tower of Snapple

I went to 7-11 this morning to pick up a quick bite. I bought this 32oz Snapple and paid for it. Then I walked out, still very tired, and it slipped out of my hand. I call this Snapple the leaning tower of Snapple. Check out the lean on that Snapple. Compare it with Leaning

Daily Search Coverage

Google Currency, Microsoft & Google, Google Bench Ads & Accessiblity, Yahoo & Motorola & Ask RSS Answers

Diverse day in search news today. I covered lots of different news from include Yahoo partnering with Motorola – now that is a light bulb idea, Microsoft’s search engine goes down, and the ads are slow so they tell Google we want your competition. Also, we look at Google AdWords Quality score again, we look


Proud of the RustyBrick Team on Launch of TOKYOPOP

I cannot express how proud I am with everyone at my company with the launch of TOKYOPOP today. Honestly, I was a bit concerned starting this project due to the deadline but we got it done on time and done in RustyBrick style. This site is the first of its kind in the Manga community.

Daily Grind

My Typical Day

What is my typical work day look like? Good question. Here it is. 5:45AM the alarm bell rings. I wake up right away and check email. Then do the morning stuff. 6:00AM leave home to do some religious stuff 6:30AM – 6:45AM I come back home and say goodbye to wife and off to work


I Don’t Like Shopping In Physical Stores

Last night, my wife and I came how from work about the same time, and she asked me if I wanted to return some of the items we got from our gift registry to Crate & Barrel. I immediately said OK, but then I thought, um, is this just returning? I wanted to spend the


Why I Started The Cartoon Barry Blog?

I want a place to speak my mind, talk about things search and not-search related. Heck, if I want to blast Google for doing something but give them real attitude, I can do it here. Heck, if I disagree with Danny at Search Engine Watch, I can do that here also. If I had a