An Empty Press Room – Ah!

I got here early this morning, so someone sent a guard to open the press room for me. I have a press room all to myself! First time ever. This is nice. Now I can do some blogging. And someone just turned out all the lights, but the Internet works, I think, so I am


Why I Blog?

Nathan tagged me asking me why I blog. So why I blog? Why I blog? Why I blog? (1) To keep track of things digitally. (2) To remember things better. (3) To be part of a larger community. (4) To keep my fingers active. (5) Most importantly… To help others. (I hope) Let’s see, I


First! First! First!

First! First! First! at Chris Pirillo, spotted via Twitter is hilarious for any blogger. Basically, there are those who don’t write at blogs but comment at blogs. Some always want to be the first person to comment at the most important posts across the industry. You know who I am talking about…. You know… Check


Things Should Be Slow Here Over Next Week or So

Things should be slow here over the next week or so… Why? (1) Passover is throughout Tuesday night. Monday and Tuesday, I will be offline again. (2) SES NY starts Tuesday. I will miss the first day, but I will be covering the conference with the rest of the crew starting Wednesday. It will last

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Google Reader Is Now My Primary RSS Reader

This goes back a bit…’s Bloglines was annoying one day, so I decided to pin Bloglines vs. Google Reader. Ultimately Bloglines won because Google Reader has performance issues in Safari. So I set Google Reader as my backup RSS reader. But that all changed recently… After hearing Google Reader fixed the Safari memory leak,


Back Tomorrow Noonish

I hope to be back in the swing of things by Thursday at noonish. Hope… I have some posts scheduled to go live tomorrow. Thanks to all the guys who pitched in yesterday and the day before. Good night.


Uploaded Custom Background To Twitter

I uploaded a Twitter background image to my profile. Here is what it looks like on my screen. I used an old PowerPoint presentation background that looked like this: I had to move up the “Search Engine Roundtable” piece to the top right of the design, to make it visible on Twitter. I love this


Danny Censored Me! Supplemental to Week in Search via Images

So I wrote this piece that I named This Week In Search From Flickr Images: BETA, that basically takes a look at what happened with Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Live Search over the past week – through the eyes of Flickr’s image search. It was fun to write up and I think people enjoy


Blocked Dot Info Comments

I finally made a bold decision. I am not blocking all comments with .info addresses in them. I would say the majority of the comments that get through the comment spam filters here and at the Search Engine roundtable are from the .info TLD. So I finally decided based on talking it over with Ben