I Will Be At ProBlogger Meetup in NYC Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night there will be a ProBlogger Meetup, sponsored by Text Link Ads. I hope to be there on time, at 6:30pm – but don’t expect me to stay too long. I hope to be out of there by 7:30pm. When? THURSDAY, March 29, 6:30pm to 9:30pm at: Where? Connolly’s Pub and Restaurant 121 West

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Second Take: Pinning Google Reader Against’s Bloglines

I just got word from Google Reader Engineer, Mihai Parparita, that they have made speed improvements to Google Reader on Apple’s Safari. Mihai said: We’ve made some improvements with regards to memory leaks (affecting all browsers, including Safari). Now if you switch between one subscription or folder and another, memory should be properly reclaimed. So


I Must Beat Danny – Vote For Me in the Blogger Face Off

It is an all out war! Me versus Danny. Daily Blog Tips is running a Bloggers Face-Off: Danny Sulivan vs. Barry Schwartz. Now Danny has one thing going for him now… His mug shot: Is much better than… My mug shot: So seriously, help a poor blogger beat Danny. Plus the write up is pretty


My Google Blog Bar

Trotting down from Matt Cutts to SEW Blog.. Here is my Google News Bar… Loading… Mine is based off the keywords [“Search Engine Roundtable”, Barry Schwartz, RustyBrick] Fun…


Spam Post On Spam Blog Makes Digg Front Page

This is pretty funny… Tamar wrote, I helped a bit, a piece at the Search Engine Roundtable named 75% of Google’s Blogspot Blogs are Spam. It was a good write up summarizing some of the key points of a study done by Microsoft Research, which was also discussed at a popular forum named WebmasterWorld. A

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Forbes Called Me Today

I have been quoted many places since beginning my coverage on search, in fact I stopped keeping track – which is kind of a shame… Today, I had two calls, one with a smaller publisher and one with Forbes. I spoke with both about twenty-minutes on different topics in search. The Forbes call went something

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Did StumbleUpon Ban Me?

So now the I have sidekick I am better able to verify a few things. I have been giving “thumbs up” via StumbleUpon pretty much for every article I publish. In fact, I added a SU feedflare that makes it easier to stumble without the toolbar. I asked Tamar where these stumbles show up, because


Blogger Tournament – Vote For Me

Derrich is holding another blogger tournament, it is formed in the March Madness like scheme. The Search Engine Roundtable is in the competition and I am in the grid named “Blogging & SEO.” I am competing against Problogger in the first round. So I will need your help to win. Please click here and vote


Stop Messing With My Wikipedia Entry!

Part of online reputation management is watching your Wikipedia entry, if you have one. I am happy that the revision history page has an RSS feed, so I subscribe to it and whenever it changes, I am alerted. My Wiki entry is here, I wish this wiki entry referenced mine, any idea how to do