My Aardvark (Vark) T-Shirt

Not sure how many of you know about Aardvark (aka but it is basically one of those tools to find answers from real people quickly. It has a very interesting approach, very interesting. In any event, I have been playing with it for a few months and it is very neat. They actually sent


What’s Going on With Blogs?

As you know, I disabled comments on this blog and also my search blog. I am not sure exactly what is wrong, but it has nothing to do with comments. It appears that when a blog post is rebuilt (published as HTML), it doesn’t always produce the full html anymore. Every time a comment or


Disabled Comments – Tech Issue

This is a quick technical note that I had to disable comments. I am not sure what is going on, but starting this morning, when comments are added, the post’s contents would disappear. So I have disabled comments for now. I’ll try turning them back on later to see if it was a temporary issue.


Are You A Twitter Snob?

An hour or so ago, I Tweeted a question, “Am I a Twitter Snob?” People then asked me how would I define a Twitter Snob. Well, here is how I would define a Twitter snob, and please don’t take offense (I classify myself in some of these categories): Very hesitant to follow others Tries to


My Wife Married A Blogger

Last night I was thinking about my life and how I blog a lot (yea, very deep stuff) and it occurred to me that my wife married a blogger. I was blogging well before we got married. Not many bloggers I work with can say that. My blogging obsession (including my work obsession), was something


What Twitter Would Look Like In Real Life

This is too funny… If you forgot your iPhone and you needed to Tweet. So you decide to yell out our Tweets, how would it look… Watch Real Life Twitter and more funny videos on CollegeHumor Via Gizmodo.


Why Bloggers Love Twitter

Last night I tweeted the following: Bloggers love Twitter b/c they aren’t afraid of blogging in it, but they are afraid to blog on a blog. I’ll explain tomrw. Let me know explain what I meant… Back in the day, when blogging was blogging, bloggers (for the most part) wrote as longer Twitter messages. Most


Annoy Facebook Users A Little Bit Less

I have been on Twitter for over two years, but I have been annoying my Facebook friends for only about 10 months. Towards the end of May 2008, I connected my Twitter updates to Facebook via an automated manner. Then, I had 430 friends, now I have 730 friends. Yea, I am popular. 😉 Seriously,